Fab Friday Bargain: Brita Marella water filter jug

Drink better water at home with a water filter

Blue Brita water filter jug

Drink better tasting water at home by investing in a water filter jug.

The Brita Marella XL water filter jug is a good buy normally for anyone wanting to drink purer water, but it’s even better now, as it’s reduced by 50%.

The filter technology helps provide cleaner, clearer and better tasting water and the jug has a 3.5L capacity, which is larger than some other water filter jugs.

The addition of a clever electronic memo on the jug will ensure that you’ll never forget to replace your water filter cartridge.

To take advantage of this fab Friday bargain, head over to Heal’s, where the Brita Marella filter jug is now only £14.

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