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Stylish shoe storage ideasShoe storage ideas

Are you bored of your bog-standard shelving, which is as aesthetically pleasing as storing your possessions in cardboard boxes? If you are looking for some delightfully vibrant and authentically retro shelving designs, you are on the right page!

This range of intricately crafted shelving can be used to hold a selection of items from shoes to books and magazine. You could even use this beautiful yellow sideboard’s top as a home for your television, while placing a vinyl or comic collection underneath.

These would all make for stunning centerpieces to any home. The great thing about product number one is that you can remove or keep as many of the drawers as you like, meaning you can change the appearance of your storage.  Product number two’s purple shelf pieces can also be rotated!

Modular shelving set Contemporary fresh design sideboard

These products and other beautiful shelving options can all be found on Fashion For Home.

Storage Product Ideas:

1. Box Base Set V Shoe Cabinet

2. Shoe Tree Set Z Shoe Rack White-Violet

3. Idaho Modular Shelf Set

4. Georgia Yellow Cardboard Sideboard

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