The Best Bed Linen in the World: Pillowcase review

Luxury designer pillowcases

Oxford pillowcases

The Best Bed Linen in the World makes a huge claim, but does it live up to its name?

Whilst I’ve not tried the whole of their bedlinen range, I have tried some pillowcases and have been very pleasantly surprised.

The quality is excellent and it’s far superior to my usual pillowcases. The white Oxford pillowcases have a silky, sateen feel to them, just like you would get in a five star hotel. They’re very comfortable to sleep on and look good too.

The only small downside was that they seemed to swamp my standard sized pillows – perhaps a superior pillow is needed for these cases?!

Having tried the pillowcases, I have high hopes that the rest of their bedlinen range is as good as they claim.

If you want to put the bed linen to the test, then a set of two plain white Oxford pillowcases costs £22 from The Best Linen in the World.

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