Lomme Bed: A unique and modern bed design

Egg or pod shape cocoon modern bed

Lomme bed

Meet the Lomme bed!

The unique and creatively designed Lomme bed is made in an egg-shaped, pod-type design. The bed was created by Polish designer, Agneiszka Bernacka, after two years of research in sleep habits, problems and therapies.

Of course, it’s not just any old bed and doesn’t just look nicely designed – it incorporates a number of special features, including light, colour, sound and comfort to create the perfect sleeping environment.

The light aspect is in the form of a light therapy alarm clock, where you go to sleep with a gradual sunset and wake to a created sunrise (a bit like a giant Lumie bodyclock).

There are also colour therapy lights within the bed, so you can change the colour to suit your mood or embrace the idea of colour therapy healing. An iPod is cleverly installed within the bed, to provide you with music to listen to as you go to sleep or wake up, and there’s a built-in massage system too, to ease all those aches and pains.

Not surprisingly, the Lomme bed doesn’t come cheap. It’s currently priced at £33,000 from Bouf.

One can but dream…!

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