Water and ice on tap with the Samsung G Series RFG23DERS fridge freezer

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Samsung fridge freezer

We’ve been testing out the Samsung G series RFG23DERS freestanding three door refridgerator for the last month. One of the key features is the water and ice dispenser, which we’ve just got up and running.

It’s taken a bit of time, as this needs to be connected to the main water supply and, in our case, we didn’t have the necessary fitting already on that particular piece of water pipe. All it needed was a washing machine fitting, which was relatively simple and inexpensive to have professionally fitted by a plumber.

We did have a bit of confusion over the installation of the fridge to the fitting, as the instruction booklet says you needs to purchase a line installation kit separately, whereas in fact it turns out to have been supplied with the fridge in the first place (although in our case, one small piece was missing – but Samsung were very efficient in re-supplying the missing piece).

Now it’s up and running, it’s brilliant! The fridge can make two types of ice – large cubes or crushed – on tap, as well as produce ice cold water. The dispenser is very easy to use – you just select what you’d like on the control panel, pop a glass in underneath to collect it, gently press the glass on the lever and your ice or water is dispensed.

As someone who always drinks a lot of water, the water function is very useful to have. The ice is perfect for making chilled drinks and we’re looking forward to effortlessly being able to fill up an ice bucket or wine cooler to chill bottles – perfect for the forthcoming Christmas party season!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Samsung RFG23DERS fridge freezer, check out our previous post or visit the Samsung website.

The refridgerator is available to purchase from various online retailers, including – Appliances OnlineAmazonBoots Kitchen Appliances, Marks and Spencer and Comet.

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