Shape Up dumbbell alarm clock

Shape Up fitness dumbbell alarm clock wake up

Dumbbell alarm clock

If you need a helping hand with waking up in the morning, then this quirky Shape Up alarm clock takes you one step further than an average bedside clock.

Shaped like a dumbbell, the novelty alarm clock beeps like an ordinary clock to wake you up, but you can’t get away with pressing a button to put it on snooze.

Oh no, with the Shape Up alarm clock, you’ve got to perform 30 reps with it before it shuts up and stops beeping at you!

The alarm clock isn’t too heavy, so it’s suitable for most people to use. The idea of doing 30 reps before you’ve even stepped out of bed may not be too appealing, but if you’re thinking of adding a fitness goal to your New Year’s resolutions for 2012, then this could put you on the path to get those muscles into action.

The Shape Up Alarm clock is available from various retailers, including Firebox, where it’s priced at £19.99.

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