Armed with technology: Robot tea infuser

Quirky robot loose leaf tea infuserCharacter tea infuser robot trend

This cute little chap is the perfect companion for loose leaf tea. Pop the tea inside the robot, and the robot inside a mug of hot water and, voila, he’ll brew you the perfect mug of tea!

The robot is designed so that his curved, hinged arms will grip hold of the rim of the mug or cup, so you don’t have to manually dangle him in.

Once your tea is brewed, just take him out and sit him back on the accompanying silver tray, where he’ll wait until you next need to put his robotic skills in action.

Robot tea brew infuser

A cute little character tea infuser, and a great gift idea, the robot will make brewing loose leaf tea loads of fun!

The Armed with Technology robot tea infuser costs $14.99 from ModCloth (they ship internationally).

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