Samsung G Series RFG23DERS three door refrigerator

Contemporary American style fridge freezer

Samsung fridge freezer

Fridge freezers are one of the essential kitchen appliances, but what’s yours like and do you have a dream fridge freezer?

A dream fridge freezer to me is one where you don’t have to grovel on the floor every time you want to find something from the back of the fridge – you can just open the door, reach in and it’s there. One where the door shuts properly and you’ve got plenty of space to store all your essentials, plus room for extras when you need it.

It would look great in the kitchen and not be an eyesore and, the perfect freezer wouldn’t involve having to re-organise the contents every time you try and put something new inside, and have to squeeze the door shut and squash the contents a bit in the process.

Until yesterday, our fridge and freezer appliances were nothing like this – they were old, small, dated and secondhand.  Left behind by the previous occupants of our house, the narrow under-the-counter fridge in the kitchen and second fridge with a small top freezer compartment in the garage were not in the best state when we inherited them. However, as our budget was limited, we had other more pressing needs, and they seemed to work okay, we cleaned them up thoroughly and kept them.

Five years or so later, and despite a previous intention to update the fridge in the kitchen (it sat amongst building work for a while, got a bit bashed and covered in dust and debris, as we planned to buy a new one, but spent the money on floor tiles instead) we still have the same two small fridges. Until yesterday….when the most amazing Samsung fridge freezer arrived!

Totally living up to my idea of a dream fridge freezer, the Samsung G series RFG23DERS freestanding three door refrigerator is a fabulous piece of equipment. It’s absolutely huge, looks sleek and stylish, has fantastic storage capacities in the fridge (there’s a place – and more – for everything) and provides loads of space in the two drawer freezer.

It’s got heaps of amazing features, like a water dispenser and ice cube maker (can’t wait to try these out) and shelves that can slide out and be altered to accommodate large items (bottles of wine, perhaps?). There are two roomy drawers for fruits and vegetables, plus a rather nifty CoolSelect Pantry, which can provide the perfect cooling temperature for various items – there are three different settings for deli, fresh and chilled.

So far, we’ve only done the basics (plus lots of OMG-ing at the wonder of it!). We’ve unpacked it (lots of cellophane to remove inside and out), left it for four hours before plugging it in (as recommended), waited for it to start chilling and then transferred the contents of the old fridges and freezer into it. Even though there are some things in it now, it still looks incredibly empty – clearly a food shop is in order.

In the meantime, we’re off to read the instruction manual and discover what else it can do and try out all these amazing functions – we’ll let you know how we get on.

(Disclaimer: The Samsung G series RFG23DERS has been very kindly gifted by Samsung, who we thank enormously!).

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