The eye chart home accessories trend

Trends in home accessories are an interesting breed and sometimes it’s surprising just what becomes popular. Who would have guessed that the humble eye chart – an essential piece of equipment for opticians – would become a sought after home accessory?

Back in 2009, we featured the Luckies eye chart tea towel, which you all loved. Two years on, several major retailers have jumped on the eye test bandwagon and come up with new versions of this intriguing idea. So if you loved the quirkiness of the eye chart tea towel, the chances are you’ll like these pieces too.

1. Tesco Direct framed eye chart

Exploring the trend for eye test home accessories

Eye test print

If the simplicity of an authentic eye chart is all you crave, then Tesco Direct have this simple framed eye chart available. It’s £30. Hang it on the wall and check your eyes make the grade.

2. Ikea Gyllen eye chart wall lamp

Funky home accessories eye chart test wall lamp

Eye chart wall lamp

Ikea have produced this rather funky eye chart wall lamp, which hangs vertically on your wall. In addition to the joy of testing your eyes, it provides a good source of light too. The Gyllen wall lamp costs £41.99.

3. Heal’s eye chart test prints

Optician eye chart print funky home accessoriesWall art home trend ideas

Heal’s have produced not one, but two eye chart home accessories, both in the form of wall prints. Although the style and theme is still the classic eye test, these two both have a twist on the usual random selection of letters. Choose between You Can Rarely See and I Spy. Both cost £60 each.

4. John Lewis eye test cushion

Eye test eye chart home accessories

Eye chart cushion

If cushions are more your thing, then here’s an eye chart print on a cushion, from John Lewis. It costs £25.

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