Spool design tins from BlissHome

Bobbins spools storage tinBobbins spools home storage tin box jarTall bobbins spool storage tin jar

Aren’t these storage jars striking and colourful?

Featuring a circular spool design, the airtight tins are available in various sizes and can be used for all sorts of storage needs. They’d look great in the kitchen for tea and coffee (a matching cookie jar is available too), or you could use them in your bedroom for housing jewellery, or a study for storing stationery accessories in.

However you want to use them, they’ll look lovely on display on a shelf and are affordably priced at BlissHome.

The 100g round box costs £7.50, the 150g size tin is £8, the 250g round box is £10 and the tall box costs £12.

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