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There’s a new fan on the block – a Dyson Hot™ AM04 fan heater, to be precise.

Sleek, stylish and contemporary, the Dyson Hot™ fan heater bears little resemblance to traditional home fan heaters. But not only does it look different, it works differently too.

The heater uses Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier™ technology, which draws in air and helps project the heat further. The oscillation device smoothly distributes warm air to the whole of the room.

From a safety point of view, there are no visible heating elements and the fan is designed to automatically cut out if it’s knocked over. It’s easy to clean, as there are no blades, and can be simply wiped with a cloth.

You should also be free of those horrible burning smells that fan heaters tend to acquire when dust gets inside them, as this one is designed not to do that!

The fan heater is easily controlled with a remote control and you can set it to the exact temperature you require.

If your home is in need of a Dyson Hot™ AM04 fan heater, then it’s available exclusively from John Lewis, priced at £269. It’s comes with a parts and labour guarantee for two years.

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