The Advantages of Blinds

Timberlux walnut wooden blinds

Wooden blinds

During the summer months when there is a lot of light, there is nothing better than classic wooden blinds. As most people know, blinds are the most effective way of controlling how much natural light enters your room at any given time, which is an obvious advantage over curtains, which can only ever be open or closed.

More practical than curtains, blinds are easily cleaned, without the need for washing in the same ways as curtains. This becomes incredibly useful for anyone with children, when sticky fingers and gooey substances often find their way on to surfaces. With blinds, just a simple wipe will do.

There is an often over looked subtlety to blind design, which is often down to the material from which they are produced. White plastics for example, tend to yellow over time, often needing to be replaced regularly. This can also detract from the overall quality and appearance of the room. This is where wooden blinds have an obvious advantage.

Oak, walnut and deep wenge have a certain element of class to them that will make any room feel both softer and warmer. These timbers, when finished with oil or varnish come to life with a distinct flair of timeless elegance. Over time wooden blinds have a tendency to age well, as worn timber always looks alive and well worn, like a good pair of jeans.

Many different styles are available too, such as Venetian, Roman, Roller and Vertical, so particular style should never be an issue. They needn’t be expensive either, as designer blinds for any budget can be found via blinds specialist Wooden Blinds Direct.

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