Protect garden furniture with specially designed covers

Cover your wooden garden benchProtect your garden furniture in the autumn and winter

Are you leaving your garden furniture exposed to the weather?  Are you aware by leaving your furniture exposed you may cause lasting damage that could eventually destroy it?

This is certainly never uppermost in our minds when purchasing garden furniture to begin with.  However, by using a little forethought if you do protect your furniture by using a garden cover once finished with or when the weather becomes more severe you will have peace of mind that your furniture is protected against wind, rain, sun and frost all year round.  Garden covers are best used during the times you are not utilising your furniture and most definitely during the autumn and winter months.

Protecting your garden furniture from other substances such as bird droppings, soil, tree sap and other debris will help to keep metal or resin weave furniture looking in great condition. Wooden furniture is almost certain to be damaged if unprotected, but metal, plastic and glass items can also be damaged so ensure these are covered.

Garden furniture covers are manufactured in a variety of materials from a basic cover which costs very little and offers limited protection through to sophisticated fully breathable materials designed to keep the rain from getting in, whilst letting the moisture out.

With resistance to wind, hail, snow and rain most good quality covers have benefits such as taped seams for increased water resistance and UV resistance meaning they won’t fade over time.  With so many different styles available, there are plenty to cover all your needs.

One of our favourites would be the Cube Set Cover, which provides excellent protection for a 1.3m square table and offers an affordable and easy to use cover for your dining set for protection against the elements.

Maintain and get the most out of your garden furniture by protecting it with a garden furniture cover.  Covers are available designed to fit any style or combination of garden furniture so why risk disappointment next year when you discover that your garden furniture has been damaged over the winter.  Ensure it is covered!

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