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Heat your garden with a patio heater

Athena patio heater

Patio heaters offer a great solution to those evenings when the temperature begins to drop and a little more warmth is needed to keep the party going.  Different types of patio heaters from electric heaters, which can be floor or wall mounted though to gas heaters utilising fuels such as LPG cover most requirements.

Used in a wide range of applications today, patio heaters can be found in commercial environments such as a pub or restaurant gardens, outdoor office areas and even in nightclubs.  They do however, remain a favourite for the private garden where they offer the versatility to heat a patio area effectively if people are enjoying an alfresco meal or drink when the sun goes down.

Electric Patio Heaters

Offering great convenience electric patio heaters provide instant heat and are very powerful.  Infrared halogen electric patio heaters offer high performance and come in several designs such as tabletop or wall mounted for great flexibility.

The electric patio heater is not normally influenced by wind and does not generate any kind of smell.  They are also able to direct heat locally to wherever it is needed.  Many Electric patio heaters have waterproof features, making them ideal for use in any weather.

Operating costs are low, and little or no maintenance is required once installed, which does not have to be by a qualified electrician.

Garden patio heating solutions

Heatwave wall heater

Gas Patio Heaters

Gas patio heaters have come a long way since the original models were introduced.  In today’s environment, LPG Patio heaters offer much lower carbon emissions together with the ability to heat up in seconds.

They are truly versatile in portability, and can be used wherever you wish and with a working range or approximately 20 feet, they provide a good spread of heat over a large area.

Flexibility in design is the key to choosing the perfect patio heater. Whether you are looking at gas or electric there are a good number of options to look at regardless of fuel choice to suit your needs accordingly.

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