Different Types of Blinds and Their Uses

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Vertical window blinds

The right blinds can have a very positive impact on the appearance and style of a room. If you have decided to install blinds, you still have another decision to make – what kind of blinds are you going to use? Look below to learn when it makes sense to use roller blinds, vertical blinds or other types of blinds.

Vertical Blinds: Versatile, Low-Maintenance and Attractive

In addition to looking great, the blinds that you choose need to be easy to maintain and operate. You do not want to spend huge amounts of time keeping them presentable, and you should not have to struggle when opening or closing them.
Vertical blinds excel on all counts, which is why they are so popular. Their sturdy design makes them suitable for rooms that attract breezes from outside. They are also practical for areas of the home where children or pets may be underfoot.

Roller Blinds: Chic, Stylish and Affordable

Vertical blinds are not right for everyone. If you would like to put a unique spin on your interior design scheme, you should take a look at roller blinds. These blinds are ideal for situations where you may like to keep your windows uncovered a lot of the time. Roller blinds pull up and out of the way with the pull of a cord.

In many cases, roller blinds are more affordable than vertical blinds. If you are working on a small budget, you can still achieve stunning results by using roller blinds.

Additional Options

Whilst roller blinds and vertical blinds tend to be the most popular options, they are not the only ones. If you have an especially wide window or sliding glass door to cover, panel track blinds are worthwhile options to consider. Professional installation is often required, however, and they tend to be somewhat expensive.

Venetian blinds are also used on occasion. While they are available in many different styles and colours, they do not necessarily do the best job in shielding a room from direct sunlight.

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