Four contemporary glass kitchen splashbacks

Traditionally, ceramic tiles have been used in kitchens to provide a splashback around the sink or around the cooker, but for a modern and contemporary interior design, glass splashbacks are a great alternative.

Glass splashbacks are made from durable toughened glass and are designed to be long-lasting and functional. A glass splash back gives a  modern and funky feel to a room and many of them have a lovely smooth and sleek finish. You don’t just have to just use them around a sink or cooker – they can be incorporated anywhere in your kitchen design.

Splashbacks come in a wide variety of colours and designs, so you’re sure to find something that fits in with your kitchen design and interior colour scheme.

To get a flavour of what’s available, here are four examples of stylish and colourful glass kitchen splashbacks currently on the market.

1. Lime green glass kitchen splashback

Contemporary glass kitchen splashbacks

Green glass splashback

This lime green glass splashback is by Kula and can be purchased from Topps Tiles. The price depends on the size you choose, but as a guide, a 70cm by 60cm splashback costs £84.99. Matching green glass tiles are available too.

2. Red glass splashback

My Colour Glass specialise in glass splashbacks

Wonderful red splashback

Create a colour statement in your kitchen with a vibrant red glass splashback. This is available from My Colour Glass, a company who specialise in glass solutions for the home. As well as red, they can produce splashbacks in a wide range of colours and can colour match for you.

A standard sized 900mm by 750mm kitchen glass splashback costs £134.

3. Union Jack glass kitchen splashback

Union jack kitchen tiles

You can even have a giant Union Jack glass splashback surrounding your sink if you wish! This is another Kula creation and costs £169.99.

4. Charcoal glass splash back

John Lewis glass kitchen splash bac

Charcoal splashback

This charcoal glass splash back is from John Lewis and costs from £122. If the charcoal colour is too dull for you, they also have a big rainbow of colours to choose from.

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