iMusic wireless pillow: music to help you sleep

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Musical pillow

Has anyone tried one of these wireless iMusic pillows? I’m highly tempted to give it a go!

As someone who sometimes has to resort to sticking in headphones and listening to music to drown out certain noise at  night, it’s not always the most comfortable way of drifting off to sleep. The earplugs can be uncomfortable lying on your side, and I invariably wake up tangled up with cables.

So this iMusic pillow sounds like the perfect solution. The pillow offers all the benefits of an MP3 player, without the hassle of wires and earplugs. It works wirelessly and has an inbuilt speaker in the pillow, so that you can listen discretely and comfortably.

It can even transpit audio from a TV, so you can watch your favourite TV show in bed, with the sound coming from your pillow rather than the TV set.

It all sounds very clever. If you want to try it out too, the iMusic wireless pillow costs £29.99 from I Want One of Those.

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