Guest bed solution for small bedrooms from Loaf

Handmade guest bed for spare room

Multi-purpose guest bed

If you’ve not got room to have a double or king size guest bed permanently in a spare room, but do want extra beds available occasionally for guests, then here’s a good multi-purpose solution.

This guest bed, which is handmade in Wiltshire, consists of one single upholstered divan bed that has an easy to pull-out extra bed hidden underneath it.

Whilst some pull-out beds result in the second person sleeping at a different level, this one is good in that, once the sturdy legs are up, it’s positioned at the same level as the main bed, easily converting it into a superking size bed. The mattresses can be zipped together, so they’ll be no issues of a guest slipping between the gap in the beds during the night!

When not in use, the bed beneath slips tidily away out of sight and you’ll be able to make full use of the rest of the room. It’s a nice alternative to permanently having to squeeze around the edges of a double bed in a room where you could do with more space.

The guest bed is available from Loaf.

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