Choosing Curtain Heading Styles

When you’re choosing curtains for your home, your decision is not just limited to the design and colour of curtains you’d like – you have to take into consideration the curtain headings too. There are a variety of different types of curtain headings available and which you choose dictates how they’ll need to be hung. Here’s a user friendly guide to four common curtain headings!

1. Eyelet Curtains

Contemporary eyelet curtains

Eyelet curtains

The eyelet style of curtain headings can only be used on curtain poles (as opposed to curtain tracks) and are ideal if you’re looking to create a modern, relaxed and unfussy look.

Curtains with eyelet headings have regular pleats along the top and this curtain heading takes up the least amount of space, so is suitable for a variety of different window sizes. This heading is suitable for use with most types of fabrics and can be effective if you’re opting for a bold or patterned curtain design.

Whilst this type of curtain can work very well hung in a lounge, dining room or living space, you might want to think twice before choosing them for a bedroom if you don’t want too much light in the room at night when the curtains are closed; invariably, the eyelets let extra light through.

2. Pencil Pleat Curtains

Luxury silk pencil pleat curtains

Pencil pleat curtains

Pencil pleats are one of the most classic styles of curtain headings. They’re simple and elegant, work well with medium to heavyweight curtain fabric, and can be hung on both curtain tracks and curtain poles. As such, curtains with pencil pleat tops work well in any room of your home.

All you need to do to ensure the pleats hang properly is to pull the tape strings at the end of the curtain tops before you hang them.

3. Inverted Pleat Curtains

Modern and contemporary curtain styles

Inverted pleat curtains

For a modern and formal take on pencil pleat curtains, inverted pleats are a good choice for a contemporary home.

The pleats are deep and a lot wider, so in order for these curtains to hang well and maintain their look, your need to have a reasonable amount of space on either side of your window.

4. Tab Top Curtains

Contemporary tab top curtains

Tab top curtains

Tab top curtains are another popular choice for a modern and contemporary home. The tabs are formed on the top of the curtains using matching loops of fabric that are stitched onto the fabric and slipped directly onto a curtain pole – they’re not suitable for hanging on curtain tracks. Curtains with tab tops tend to provide a simple and relaxed form of window styling and are most suitable with light to medium-weight curtain fabric.

You may need to take extra care when opening or closing this style of curtains, as sometimes the tabs can get caught on the pole.

For more advice on choosing curtain heading styles, or to order new curtains for your home, head over to The Natural Curtain Company.

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