Silvana washing machine drum table

Silvana wash drum table designed by Reestore

Funky washing machine table

It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of recycling and designers who are creating new pieces of innovative furniture and home accessories through the use of recycled materials.

Previously we’ve featured items such as the fabulous chair made from recycled cutlery, an Italian seat made from old car tyres and tarpaulin material, Christmas decorations made from recycled circuit boards, a stunning chandelier made from milk bottles and a chalk-like memo board made from recycled coffee cups.

Now here’s another clever product that’s been made from recycled materials – it’s a washing machine table!

The funky table is made from a reclaimed washing machine drum (isn’t it the most perfect shape and size?) and has been designed by award-winning UK designers, Reestore. With its unique design, and stainless steel metal finish, the table is perfect for a contemporary home.

A piece of frosted glass has been added to the top of it, making it fully functional as a coffee table or side table and, as an extra special twist,  a low energy light has been popped inside the drum, which provides a lovely glow of light through the tiny holes of the drum. It’s a great design and a very effective use of recycled materials.

The Silvana reclaimed washing machine table is made to order, but can be purchased from Ecocentric for £275.74.

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