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If you’re looking for a fun and funky way to reinvigorate your home, then get very excited about the Contemporary Interior Design Exhibition (in London 22-25 Sept 2011). Although it does seem a little far away at the moment (five months, to be precise), you just know that summer will be drawing to a close and autumnal September will be upon us in no time at all – sorry! So let’s take a look at what will be on offer.

Wandering around the stands at this year’s exhibition, you’ll be met by a veritable buffet of expert design companies offering everything to do with interiors, from lighting to furniture, kitchen and bathroom design services and accessories of every kind.

This exhibition is as much for those in the industry as the average man or woman on the street, so with that in mind remember that what’s on offer isn’t necessarily meant to be taken at face value.

Unless you have either a big budget or lots of time on your hands, you probably won’t be applying a lot of the design ideas presented at the exhibition directly to your own home. But you will most certainly be able to take great inspiration from what’s on offer and be able to adapt them to fit your tastes and specifications.

The buzzword of the last few years, it seems, is ‘sustainability’. Add to that ‘green living’ and ‘eco house’, and you’re thinking along the right lines. As we saw last year in London at the Contemporary Interior Design Exhibition, there will be a specialist area for innovative new materials, dealing with surfaces, components and processes.

Dubbed ‘100% Materials’, this area is said to be the most interactive of all those at the exhibition, with workshops and demonstrations taking place throughout. It’s intended to be a place of inspiration for both interior designers and architects who seek inspiration and stimulation for their future projects.

At the heart of the exhibition lies ‘100% Design’, which attracts huge interest from global companies in the hospitality, contracts and residential markets. It’s the place to go to find fresh designs from an eclectic mix of both established and emerging new talent.

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