100 Secrets to Life art print by Pearl and Earl

100 secrets to a happy life inspirational ideas

Inspirational art

When you think of inspirational art, do you automatically think of mesmerising artwork or pictures? A lot of people do, but art made up of words or phrases can be just as inspiring as a gorgeous landscape picture or colourful piece of modern art.

The 100 Secrets of Life art print is made up of 100 things that make Jacqui, from Pearl and Earl, smile. The chances are, they’ll make you smile too, plus give you some ideas of things to do.

Some of the secrets offer words of wisdom, whilst others focus on things you could do or try. Some examples include:

Trust yourself.

Baking rocks.

Don’t forget to dream.

Smile if you’re skint.

Make fond memories.

Make good mix tapes.

Use words wisely.

Belly laugh everyday.

Drink real ale.

The unframed print is only £20 from Pearl and Earl, but it can be framed, and even personalised, for an extra fee.

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