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Crown embossed milk jug from The Orchard

Friday, April 29th, 2011
Royal Wedding 2011 crown milk jug

Crown milk jug

If you’ve not yet indulged in buying any Royal Wedding memorabilia, then this white crown milk jug is a more subtle option than some of the homeware items available and something that will last long after the Royal Wedding fever has subsided.

The earthenware jug, which would be perfect as a milk or cream jug, is embossed on the front with a crown.

The crown embossed jug is only £9.50 from The Orchard, and other matching pieces are available too.

Quality Leather Sofas from Darlings of Chelsea

Thursday, April 28th, 2011
Leather sofa from Darlings of Chelsea

Leather sofas

If you are thinking about leather sofas for your home you will find virtually unlimited choice at Darlings of Chelsea.

Leather sofas are a great addition to any home, traditional or contemporary, providing you buy a quality product. You will find leather corner sofas, leather suites and sofa beds all with hand crafted solid wood frames and quality grain leather coverings. Whether the room you want to furnish is small or large you are bound to find something that suits your needs. Two seater, club sofas are an ideal choice, and provide comfortable seating when space is limited.

No longer do you have to think in terms of black or brown leather sofas because Darlings of Chelsea have sofas, chairs and suites in almost every colour you can think of. Nowadays you can buy leather sofas that fit in with your general colour scheme and if you prefer traditional brown or black leather sofas you can always coordinate your soft furnishings to bring the look together. Perhaps you have a fancy for a chaise longue leather sofa; you will find these available in a variety of sizes and in a range of colour choices.

When you are short of space or you need something for unexpected guests there is nothing better than a good leather sofa bed. When you purchase a quality leather sofa bed you can also choose to have a memory foam mattress instead of the standard sprung mattress. Most of the sofa beds offered by Darlings of Chelsea have a simple two-fold action that makes them easy to put up or down, so finding a comfortable place to sleep guests won’t be hard work.

Leather sofas are an ideal choice for modern living as they give an added sense of luxury to any space. A good leather sofa will last for years and require very little in the way of maintenance. You can look on a leather sofa as an investment because when you buy a quality product it will keep its looks for a long time to come.

***This is a guest post from Darlings of Chelsea***

Poachpod: the way to a perfect poached egg?

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011
How to cook a perfect poached egg

Poachpod - egg poaching aid

Cooking poached eggs is one of those things that doesn’t always go to plan. If you use the ‘throw the egg into boiling water’ method, sometimes it poaches in a nice organised fashion, and other times you end up with lots of stringy bits of egg white and an odd shaped poached egg.

Poached egg rings – a bit like a round pastry cutter – are widely available to pop the egg in and make them nicely round, but another option are these Poachpods.

Made from flexible silicone, the Poachpods are designed to hold the egg for you, whilst floating in boiling water and poaching.

The inside needs to be lightly oiled in order to help you release the egg in one piece at the end, but if reviews are to be believed, they poach eggs well and and do away with the odd shaped and stringy poached egg dilemma.

Poachpods are available to purchase from various retailers, with prices differing slightly. Amazon have two green Poachpods available for £4.60, Sainsbury’s sell Poach Pods for £5.00 and Lakeland have green or yellow Poachpods for £4.99.

Have you tried Poachpods and have they revolutionised your egg poaching method?

20 per cent off Ultra Chef gas barbecues at M&S

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Ultra chef 4 burner gas barbecue outdoor mealsSave money on a gas barbecue

Nothing beats firing up the barbecue and cooking a meal outside, but if you’re fed up of using coals or waiting ages for it to light and get going, then a gas barbecue offers the ultimate in effortless BBQ-ing!

There’s currently a special home event running at M&S, which includes 20% off a range of fabulous gas barbecues.

The Ultra Chef 4 burner gas barbecue is now £319.20 (was £399) and the Ultra Chef 3 burner gas barbecue is now priced at £239.20 (was £299).

Other gas barbecues are included in the deal at M&S, but the offer finishes on 27th April, so you need to be quick!

Pimm’s cocktail cushion from Door 77

Monday, April 25th, 2011
Cushion How to make a Pimms cocktail

Cocktail recipe cushion

With the weather so hot and sunny, it definitely feels like it should be Pimm’s weather!

If you fancy a refreshing cocktail, then this hand-stitched red and white cushion contains the secret to making the perfect jug of Pimm’s. The cocktail cushion is hand stamped with the ingredients and quantities you need. When you’ve made your cocktail, you can sit back and relax comfortably in a chair with the feather filled cushion.

The Pimm’s cocktail cushion costs £35 from Door 77.

If a Mojito is more to your taste, then there’s a cushion available for you, plus for those who favour doubles

Funky Morphy Richards plum kettle

Friday, April 22nd, 2011
Trendy purple plum kitchen kettle

Whistling plum kettle

Essential kitchen gadgets needn’t be boring!

Whether you want to accessorize your kitchen style or look, or simply add a bit of colour into the room, this funky purple Morphy Richards kettle is both striking and practical.

The modern kettle has a fun additional element to it, in the form of an optional whistling ability!

The Morphy Richards plum Meno 43917 kettle is currently reduced in the sale at Debenhams.

100 Secrets to Life art print by Pearl and Earl

Thursday, April 21st, 2011
100 secrets to a happy life inspirational ideas

Inspirational art

When you think of inspirational art, do you automatically think of mesmerising artwork or pictures? A lot of people do, but art made up of words or phrases can be just as inspiring as a gorgeous landscape picture or colourful piece of modern art.

The 100 Secrets of Life art print is made up of 100 things that make Jacqui, from Pearl and Earl, smile. The chances are, they’ll make you smile too, plus give you some ideas of things to do.

Some of the secrets offer words of wisdom, whilst others focus on things you could do or try. Some examples include:

Trust yourself.

Baking rocks.

Don’t forget to dream.

Smile if you’re skint.

Make fond memories.

Make good mix tapes.

Use words wisely.

Belly laugh everyday.

Drink real ale.

The unframed print is only £20 from Pearl and Earl, but it can be framed, and even personalised, for an extra fee.

Introducing Radiator Covers World

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

A new website has launched offering consumers the opportunity to avoid unsightly looking radiators without having to pay a fortune for designer radiators throughout the home.  Radiator Covers World offer a selection of different styles, both modern and classic, made from high quality MDF and manufactured to last.

Whilst designer radiators themselves can have a stunning impact, they are expensive.  So if you’re on a budget, then why not take a look at the radiator covers they have on offer?

There is also a bespoke service available, so if you have unusual sizes or are looking to have a cabinet built, this will also be something they can help with. The current website is a soft launch only and shortly many more designs will be offered, accompanied by high quality photography to help customers choose.

Radiator Covers World is hoping to exploit this in demand niche, as whilst there are retailers selling similar products, few strive for a breadth of quality and range that a specialist retailer can match.

They have also launched with asocial conscience charity program which they hope will be successful.

***This is a guest post from Radiator Covers World***

Roberts Revival Union Jack DAB radio

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011
Union Jack home interior design radio

Patriotic radio design

We’ve had the Orla Kiely DAB radio, so now here’s a Union Jack inspired radio!

This jaunty design is perfect if you fancy adding some jolly colours into your home, and want to embrace your patriotic side.

The Roberts RD60 DAB Union Jack radio may have all the classic styling from the famous retro radio, but beneath the exterior you’ll find state-of-the-art technological ability.

The battery lasts for up to 120 hours and the auto tune features helps you effortlessly find all your favourite radio stations.

This colourful red, white and blue Union Jack DAB radio is available to purchase from John Lewis.

Union Jack designs have featured in various other home and interior products that we’ve previously featured – click here for more ideas.

Contemporary Indian interior ideas from Plum Chutney

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Plum Chutney eclectic contemporary interior designHibiscus flower lamp light home lighting from Plum ChutneyContemporary Indian white flower cushion from Plum Chutney

Plum Chutney is a recently launched interiors and online store, specialising in stylish and eclectic contemporary Indian products.

They stock some quirky and original designs, including many colourful and vibrant pieces, that could bring life and interest into your home.

The Truck Talks art print is a riot of colour and offers a modern and graphic take on traditional Indian lorries. It comes mounted and costs £45.

The botanic table tripod lamp features a red hibiscus flower print, that has been screen printed. The tripod style pillai maradu wooden legs make it extra stylish. The lamp costs £125.

The white flower trail chushion is designed by Vaishali Sinha and features striking flowers made from vintage prints appliqued onto white cotton canvas. A slightly different blue version is available too and both cost £35 each.

Other products include the Passage to India range of cushions, with modern images of India  and original art by Indian artist, Satyadheer Singh.

For more details and product ideas, have a look at the Plum Chutney website – you could even win your favourite product in their April contest.

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