Unique modern chair made entirely from reclaimed cutlery

Unusual wacky weirdd chair handmade from cutlery

A chair made from cutlery!

Could this be one of the strangest materials used to create a chair? This modern metal chair has been handcrafted using a selection of reclaimed cutlery – knives, forks, spoons, they’re all in there somewhere!

The unusual cutlery chair has been made by British designer Osian Batyka-Williams, who is renowned for creating unique pieces of furniture and homeware from reclaimed materials.

The chair is fully functional and can be used as a piece of seating for your home if you wish (it is suitable for weights of up to 16 stone), or simply as a decorative talking point. In order to ensure you won’t accidentally get stabbed by a knife or fork as you sit down, all the cutlery used to create the chair has been welded together and bent so that no sharp bits are left exposed.

For the first of his cutlery chairs, Osian collected 250 pieces of old cutlery from charity shops and initially experimented with wrapping cutlery around a wooden chair frame. But that plan didn’t work too well, so instead he created a chair entirely from cutlery which is carefully welded together.

It’s an amazing use of old kitchen and dining implements – who knew cutlery could be so functional?

Osian’s cutlery chairs are available to purchase from his shop on Bouf - each one is made to order and entirely unique.

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