Robert Welch Signature V bamboo knife storage drawer

Safe knife storage unit for a kitchen drawer

Store knives safely in drawers

If you’re keen to store your sharp kitchen knives safely in drawers, so that you don’t accidentally cut your fingers when you dive into a draw looking for them (or is that just me?), then this bamboo storage unit is ideal.

Designed by Robert Welch and made from bamboo obtained from renewable sources, this solid wooden knife storage unit sits inside a drawer and can be used to store knives. Simply pop the knives down into the slots, which cater for knives of all sizes, and the blades will be hidden.

The drawer storage unit is especially useful if you’ve got young children and don’t want to have a knife block out on a kitchen surface. You could use this inside a high drawer, perhaps adding a  child-proof safety lock to the drawer as well, for increased peace of mind that sharp knives are fully out of reach from tiny hands.

The Signature V bamboo knife storage drawer is priced at £24.50 and can be purchased from Amara.

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