Judy Holme Questions cushion

Designer everyday questions textile cushion by Judy HolmeUk questions designer cushion by Judy HolmeDesigner questions cushion by Judy Holme in dark blue

Questions, questions…..

There are some questions that seem to come up on a regular basis – “Will it be a sunny day?”, “Have I got my umbrella?” and “What will happen if….?”

Designer Judy Holme has gathered together some of her favourite questions and used them artistically in the design of this cushion. The questions have been formed into graduating circles, with the print slowly getting smaller and smaller, fading in colour until it simply forms into a light dot in the centre of the cushion.

The Questions cushion is a perfect size for relaxing against (40cm by 40cm), but you’ll no doubt be drawn into spending plenty of time reading and pondering the questions too. It comes filled with a soft luxury feather pad and has off-white silk on the back of it.

Judy Holme’s Questions cushion is available in a range of colours, including dark blue, pale blue, maroon, ocean blue, pink, orange and khaki and all options are available to purchase at Dotmaison.

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