Gentle Roe trophy head deer from Hus and Hem

Colourful mdf trophy roe deer head home decorationMDF deer head home accessory decoration

Whilst we’re definitely not fans of the traditional hunting lodge trophy deer heads hung on walls, the modern versions do offer a quirky take on the tradition and are far more animal friendly.

Made from MDF, this Gentle Roe trophy deer head is an explosion of colour. Predominantly purple, lilac and red, the patterns that make up the head are inspired by Italian textile designs.

The head comes flat packed and the pieces easily lock together with rubber rings, so it’s relatively easy to assemble and you don’t need any glue. The deer head looks effective used as a wall decoration, as it provides a 3D element, and the colours can’t fail to be noticed.

The Gentle Roe trophy roe deer head is available from HUS and HEM, where it costs £24.95.

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