Ferm Living Bindweed wallpaper by Trine Andersen

Ferm Living modern contemporary designer wallpaper

Bindweed design wallpaper

On the whole, most people don’t want to find bindweed growing in their garden. But if you like the shape of the flowers (which can look pretty, despite being a weed), then here’s a way of having bindweed in your home – on wallpaper.

The bindweed wallpaper is designed by Trine Andersen for Ferm Living and the colourway is black, white and light grey. The design effectively captures the nature of bindweed, with its multitude of tumbling flowers and stems wrapped around each other.

You can find the bindweed wallpaper for sale at the 95% store on Bouf, for £59.95 per roll.

They stock other modern and contemporary Ferm Living wallpaper designs too, including Wild Flower, Wilderness, Squares and Fashion wallpaper.

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