Decorative Scandinavian surface wall panel

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Decorative wall panel

If you love adding new decorative features to your wall, but don’t want to use wallpaper, then here’s another novel way of adding a feature to the interior walls of your home.

The Magpie themed panel in the picture is an example of a Scandinavian surface panel, which is a form of high quality digital print. The panels are a good alternative to wallpaper and can be hung singly, or in a group.

In addition to birds, there are various other quirky contemporary designs available (there’s even one with poodles!), with each panel measuring 45cm by 270cm.

The panel comes complete with instructions and a hanging kit, so you can get it up on your wall easily.

The surface panels are designed and manufactured in Scandinavia, but British company, Frank and Fearless, are selling them in a range of designs for £79 each.

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