Stylish 13 Ricrea recycled Ortensia pouf

Home seating made from recycled industrial waste

Amazing recycled pouf

What do you think this stylish looking, soft and comfortable pouf seat is made from?

Although it looks like it’s layered with delicate white textile petals, the materials used to create it actually come from disused industrial waste!

Created by Italian designers 13 Ricrea, the base of the pouf is made from two old car tyres, which are cleaned, painted and covered with a wooden panel (so the eventual user doesn’t fall through the ‘hole’ in the tyres!). The petals are made from leftover plastic, which is used for making tarpaulins. All the petals are shaped by hand and are attached onto the pouf by hand to create a unique finish.

This unusual pouf is perfect for an occasional seat and, thanks to the plastic nature of the outer materials, is suitable for use both inside your home and outside in the garden.

Measuring 40cm by 65cm, the white Ortensia pouf is sold by e-side and costs £276. A matching white bench and vase are also available.

As well as the 3D Ortensia white pouf, 13 Ricrea also make other products from different forms of recycled waste. These colourful poufs, featured recently on Inhabitat, are made from leftover rolls of latex used to make shoe insoles by Italian manufacturers. It’s fantastic to see waste materials being put to such good use!

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