Quirky ceramic rubber glove sink tidy

Funky ceramic sink tidyModern sink tidy for a contemporary home

This looks like a yellow rubber glove discarded by the sink after doing the washing up, but it’s actually a ceramic sink tidy!

This quirky item has been cleverly created by designer Helen Johannessen, from Yoyo Ceramics, and looks exactly like the infamous Marigold’s. It’s got all the details and creases of the real thing, as if it’s just been taken off.

Placed by the sink, the ceramic rubber glove would be a useful place to store your scourer, plug or dish cloth and it’s sure to fool people.

It costs £22 and can be purchased from Yoyo Ceramics.

If you like the quirkiness of this design, then some  similar items we’ve featured before include the glass plastic bag bowl, the porcelain flour bag container, the porcelain carton milk jug and the tin can storage jar.

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