Is this the world’s most expensive bed?

The world's most expensive and exclusive bed

Baldacchino Supreme bed

You could be looking at the world’s most expensive bed!

That’s the claim being made in some quarters after this exclusive bed went on sale priced at £4 million.

This luxury four poster double bed, called the Baldacchino Supreme bed, was created by British designer, Stuart Hughes, and Italian design company, Hebanon. It’s handcrafted from chestnut and ash wood, with a cherry wood canopy, and is inlaid with 107kg (236lb) of 24ct gold.

Any old bedding of course won’t do, so the bed comes complete with Italian silk and cotton drapes. The headboard can even be customised to accommodate diamonds for the ultimate in bling finish!

Only two of the Baldacchino Supreme beds, suitable for billionaires, have been made and each has taken three months to make. Amazingly, one of the beds has already been purchased by an Italian businessman. Could the other one be yours?!

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