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Purple Queen's head rug Pink stamp rug wall art

Remember the Stamp Collection mugs we featured before? Well now you can take your love of stamps even further, with these great stamp-inspired rugs.

Made from 100% New Zealand wool, the stamp rugs feature the distinctive image of the Queen on a plain coloured background. The edges of the rugs are white, finished off nicely with the classic scalloped detail you see on the stamps. The rugs measure 1.2m long by 1m wide (although other sizes are apparently available) and come in a choice of colours, representing the appropriate stamp prices:

Purple / burgundy rug – 1p stamp

Pink rug – 16p stamp

Grey rug – 50p stamp

Olive rug – 56p stamp

Red rug – 62p stamp

If you don’t want to use the rug on the floor (or can’t bear the thought of standing on the Queen’s head), then the rugs can also be hung on your wall as wall art.

The quirky stamp rugs are sold by Isabel Ballardie Interiors. Sadly they cost somewhat more in price than the stamps they represent!

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