Bodie and Fou decorative roller blinds

Blue tree design roller blindBrown and cream bottle design window blindPink bird design window roller blind

If you’ve got a window in need of a roller blind, then forget boring old plain ones. These wonderful decorative roller blinds will provide all the essential window privacy you need, whilst also jazzing up the space with a great design.

The stylish contemporary roller blinds are available in a choice of designs – a simple blue tree, a bottle design and birds on a wire, which is available in pink or blue.

For rooms where you’ve got limited space available to add art to the wall, the roller blinds are a great alternative. The bottle design, in particular, almost looks like you’ve got an extra cupboard of shelves filled with bottles.

The Love is Blind decorative roller blinds are available from Bodie and Fou and are priced at £80.

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