Pacman retro wall stickers

Pacman bedroom wallpaper sticker

Quirky Pacman wall sticker

We’ve had some requests for Pacman bedroom wall stickers, so have found these fun and quirky retro Pacman stickers that would work well for decorating your bedroom wall or any other room in your home.

The high quality vinyl wall decal stickers are precision cut in the shape of the famous 80s retro computer game, Pacman. The stickers come in a mixed pack with separate stickers for Pacman, the ghosts, Pacman food (the little dots) and cherries (bonus points) and you can organise them in the way you wish on your walls.

The Pacman retro wall stickers are available for £23.99 from Canvas Prints Online.

If you’re on a budget, some similar sets of Pacman wall stickers are available for £13.99 from a seller on Ebay.

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