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If you’re snowed in or don’t fancy skidding around on the ice in the cold to get to the shops, then now is the perfect time to stay inside in the warm and get on with some online Christmas shopping. To help save you money on your Christmas gifts, we’ve teamed up with online home accessory boutique, Sorella, to give you a special 15% discount!

Sorella have a shop in the lovely town of Hexham in Northumberland, which we visited during rather sunnier weather in the summer, but also sell many of their products from their online store. The name Sorella means ‘sister’ in Italian, which is very apt, as the shop is run by two sisters, Moira and Liz.

Sorella stocks a wide range of unique, stylish and handpicked gifts, including some lovely home accessories, and they specialise in stocking items made by skilled artisans.

The special 15% discount offer runs until 31st December 2010. To take advantage of the offer, simply quote the coupon code, “FRESH” when you place your online order at Sorella.

Here are our top picks from Sorella’s range:

Love wooden multi-purpose letters from Sorella

Spell out Noel or Love

These lovely mango wood letters can be bought individually, but as a money-saving suggestion, why not buy the letters N, O, E, L and V. At Christmas, you can use them to spell out the seasonal word, Noel, then for the rest of the year you can use them to spell out Love (or other variations, if you so desire!). It’s a clever idea and extra value for money, as one set provides two great words.

Luxury three wick Christmas winter candle

Luxury scented candle

This large, three wick Irish Winter candle smells absolutely gorgeous – it has the warming scent of cinnamon and clove – and is exactly the scent typically associated with Christmas. You could burn it in your house in the run-up to Christmas, or give it as a gift.

Handmade special storage box

Special keepsake boxes

We love the look of these special handcrafted keepsake boxes. Available in a choice of colours and designs, the boxes are all fitted with a metal spring and ribbon ties, and the spine has a handturned brass card frame with a card insert, so you can label your box.

The keepsake boxes would be perfect for storing away treasured items, or you could use them as part of a special gift.

Avoca Ireland cosy hot water bottle

Keep warm when it's cold outside

This ultra snuggly fleece Igloo ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ hot water bottle will help you keep super warm inside, even on the coldest of days and nights. The winter white hottie is made by Avoca and finished off with a cheery red ribbon detail and button on the back.

Luxurious silk velvet jewel cushions

Jewel coloured cushions

These luxurious silk velvet cushions are available in some lovely shades of jewel-like colours – the only difficult part is choosing which to buy!

Yorkshire lambswool throw

Cosy throw

These cosy Bronte lamswool throws are perfect for the current wintry weather. The polka dot throws are woven in Yorkshire and available in a choice of three colours – pale grey, natural or eau de nil.

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