Eva solo bird feeder from Beth Stevens

Bird feeder for the garden

Feed the birds

Have you been feeding the birds in this cold weather?

We’ve been glad to see that the blackbirds have successfully spotted lots of berries available in our garden to eat (during the first lot of snow, we put extra food out, but they didn’t find it). We also have some bird seed out too, for smaller birds, but the plastic holder it’s in has not fared well with strong winds in the past and a lot of the seed just falls out.

There are some much stronger bird feeders available though, including this Eva solo bird feeder which is designed to withstand wind, weather and beating wings!

The glass ball is made from mouth blown glass and can be suspended from trees, bushes or any other garden structures you have available, and it’s suitable for use on a balcony too. This feeder looks particularly good as you can use it for both nuts and seed – often the design of them means it’s an ‘either or’ choice – and it’s a nice contemporary design.

The Eva solo glass bird feeder is £39 from Beth Stevens.

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