4 Christmas seasonal window stickers costing under £10

When you’re decorating your home for Christmas, are you putting anything on the windows? Just like wall stickers, window stickers are a great way of adding extra decorative features to your home for Christmas – plus they have the added benefit of being able to be enjoyed and viewed from both the inside and outside of your home.

There are some lovely seasonal window stickers available. They shouldn’t leave a residue on the window and are designed to be re-used year after year, so your purchase will last. We’ve picked out four of our favourite Christmas window stickers, all of which cost under £10 – bargain!

Festive Christmas home decoration idea

Snowflake window stickers

1. This great set of snowflake window stickers would add a lovely seasonal touch to your window and are very appropriate for the wintery weather we’ve been having!

There are 13 snowflake stickers in the pack, each one with a different design, and they have a nice flock finish. The snowflake window sticker set costs £4.99 from Drift Living.

Festive snowflake garland decoration
Snowflake garland window sticker

2. For an elegant Christmas window decoration, add these snowflake garland stickers to your window. A set of three garlands, which can be used vertically or horizontally, costs £5 from Cox and Cox.

Red Christmas bauble decoration

Christmas bauble window stickers

3. Designed to look like Christmas baubles, these jolly red bauble stickers would liven up your windows.

The set of bauble stickers, which can be used vertically on your windows, cost £7.99 from John Lewis.

White dove stickers

Dove window stickers

4. These dainty white dove stickers, with their cutwork detail, are a nice addition to a simple festive window decoration.

You get six doves in various sizes in one pack, and the set costs £5 from Cox and Cox.

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