Stunning ‘&’ clock by Diamantini and Domeniconi

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Italian designers Diamantini and Domeniconi are renowned for producing amazing clocks (like their modern funky striped cuckoo clock that we’ve featured before) and the ‘&’ design wall clock is another fantastic example of their work that I’d love to have on my wall.

The & clock is as much a piece of wall art as it is a functional timepiece. The 70cm diameter clock is made from two pieces of cutwork, lacquered metal – one in white, and one in grey – and was first designed and created for Diamantini and Domeniconi by Juan Carlos Viso in 2008.

The cutwork design looks very effective and is based on the idea of infinite patterns, that go on and on, without seeming to end.

The Diamantini and Domeniconi & clock can be purchased at Mooch (it’s made to order), where it’s priced at £185.

For more details about the design and a complete list of all the Diamantini and Domeniconi clock designs, have a look at their website.

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