Recycled eco Christmas tree decorations

Green eco upcycled xmas decorationRecycled upcycled eco green xmas decorationRecycled upcycled eco green xmas decoration

Who knew old circuit boards and CDs could be so useful?

These funky Christmas decorations have been made from recycled circuit boards and CDs . They’re cut by machine and hand finished to ensure there are no sharp edges, then topped up with a piece of string.

Both the CD and circuit board decorations are available in a selection of shapes, including starts, Christmas trees, bells, snowmen and hearts and both materials work well as decorations, as they glitter and shine under the lights of a Christmas tree. The circuit board ones may vary slightly in colour – about 95% are green, but there may also be some dashes of gold, red and, on very rare occasions, blue.

The circuit board decorations are £3.00 each and the CD ones are £3.99. All are available from Nigel’s Eco Store.

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