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Tuscany leather sofa

If you thought a customisable leather sofa would be out of your price range, then think again.

This stylish Tuscany leather sofa is available from Next, where you can choose which type of leather you’d like (Italian leather, Dallas leather or Rio leather), which colour shade you’d prefer (tan, black or dark brown) and which size of sofa, sofabed, seat or charir you’d like.

A medium Tuscany leather sofa in dark brown Italian leather, for example, comes in at £999, an extra large sofa is £1049 and a super functional, medium sized sofa bed is only slightly more at £1199.  A matching chair and the nicely named ‘Snuggle Seat’ are available too and you can stick to the same type or colour of leather for everything, or mix and match.

With proper care and attention, a leather sofa can last for years, so it’s a good investment to make for a piece of furniture for your living room.

To find out more about the options available in the Tuscany leather sofa and chair range, head over to Next.

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