Upcycled glassware by Who’s? Glass

Vintage recycled milk bottle vases by Who's? Glass Lars Persson glassmaker bird vaseAbsolut vodka glass jugUpcycled glassware from Lars Persson

Would you believe that the green glass bird vase above started off life as a Perrier bottle? It’s true and all of the items shown have been upcycled from discarded glassware.

North Devon-based glass company, Who’s? Glass, specialise in transforming domestic glass waste into contemporary products. All the bottles they use are collected locally and are heated and shaped by hand. They’re a great example of effective homeware upcycling and produce some innovative products.

If you’re fond of retro pieces, then the 1970s milk bottle vases will raise a smile (£24.95). The delightfully quirky Perry Perrier water bird vase is fantastic and a limited edition of only 100, all of which are unique and individual (£19.95 each).

If vodka is your favourite tipple, then the cocktail pitcher or jug made from an old Abolut vodka bottle is a must (£24.95). Gin drinkers are catered for too, with the slimline Gordon’s Gin vase or straw holder (£22.50).

All of these creative glassware creations are made by Who’s? Glass and can be purchased from their online store.

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