5 fabulous Halloween home decoration ideas

It’s only a few weeks now until Halloween. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, or planning on decorating your home in honour of Halloween, then here are five fabulous ideas for seasonally themed home decorations that could help transform your home.

1. Halloween themed wall stickers

Hauntingly good Halloween home decor wall stickers

Halloween wall stickers

Our love of wall stickers has been well documented on FreshDesignBlog, but have you thought of wall stickers as part of your Halloween decor?

This Halloween wall sticker set from DecoSticks is packed with nine spooky wall stickers that you can use inside your home. The set includes a black cat, spiders, cobweb, pumpkin, bats and black witch wall sticker and costs £19.99.

2. Halloween pumpkin lantern

Ready made Halloween pumpkin lantern light

Metal pumpkin lantern

Save the hassle of trying to carve a pumpkin yourself and buy this metal pumpkin lantern from The Contemporary Home. Perfect for re-using year after year, the lantern is suitable for use with a tea light candle and can be placed in your window on Halloween or used as a table centrepiece at a Halloween party.

The Halloween pumpkin lantern is £16.99.

3. Halloween phantom lights

String Halloween phantom lights around your home

Phantom lights

It’s a bit hard to see these well in the picture, but this string of lights is made up of small phantom figures – perfect for creating a spooky feel in your home for Halloween!

You could hang them in a window, around a door or drape them around any other seasonal decorations you’ve got planned for a Halloween party room.

One string of phantom lights, measuring 13m in total, is £9.50 from M&S.

4. Halloween midnight lace gothic tablecloth

Stylish and tasteful Halloween tablecloth

Midnight lace tablecloth

If you were in any doubt, this stylish lace tablecloth proves that Halloween themed home decorations can be tasteful!

The midnight lace black tablecloth is suitably gothic in style, with cobwebs and pumpkins on it. In order to show off the designs to full  effect, it’s designed to be used over the top of another plainer cloth.

To decorate your table with this cloth, head over to Amazon, where it’s only £9.80.

5. Halloween black fabric for your own home decorating creations

Create your own gothic feel Halloween home interior decor

Black muslin fabric

If you’re keen to get creative and craft your own decorations for you home, then this black muslin fabric is just the job. It would be perfect for creating a Gothic or witchy feel in your home and you can be as creative as you like with it.

Drape the fabric over your curtains to darken the room, hang it over furniture or doors, use it as a floor covering (it will also save your carpet from unwanted spills) or use some of it to make Halloween cushions. Any fabric leftover can be turned into Halloween costumes or saved for another year.

A large piece of black muslin measuring 91cm by 2500cm costs £46.05 from Partybox.

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