Stunning ceramic horse chestnut conkers

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Autumn is a great time of year, not least as it’s conker time! I still can’t resist hunting for conkers and there’s nothing quite like finding a perfect conker hidden beneath a pile of leaves, or opening a newly fallen horse chestnut shell to reveal shiny and fresh new conkers inside. Each year, I return home with my pockets stuffed full and tend to fill large brass bowls with conkers to create a seasonal home decoration.

However, as shiny as they are to start with, natural conkers don’t retain that look for long (although you can varnish them) and soon end up looking dull and shrivelled. So I was thrilled to find these stunning ceramic horse chestnuts which are bursting with the essence and spirit of real conkers.

They are amazingly realistic – they’ve got the look of a shiny and fresh horse chestnut and the way the conkers are sitting inside the shells is just like you find them on the ground. The shells are life-like too, even down to the spikes on the outside, and the conkers can be removed from their ceramic shells if you wish.

The ceramic horsechestnuts are available in various different designs, from Ginger Rose, with prices starting at £69. For conkers that will last forever and still look like new, I think it’s worth it!

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