Half price Prestige five piece pan set

Fantastic Prestige five piece saucepan set with 50% off

Snap up this saucepan sale bargain!

It seems a bit early for the sales to be starting again, but when there are homeware and furniture bargains to be had, we’re not complaining!

If you’ve been looking to update and old saucepan set, then this five piece Prestige pan set is a great deal. It started off life as costing £120, but is now the tidy sum of £60 in the Debenhams sale.

The pan set consists of a French skillet (or frying pan, to the uninitiated), milk pan, and three other saucepans with lids of varying sizes. It’s a great set and a good quality brand.

For more homeware and furniture deals, check out the rest of the Debenhams sale.  Another shop with a sale currently in full flow is Heal’s.

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