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Be creative with your wall designs Add sparkling gems and jewels to your decorating

Decorating your home should be all about making your own mark on it. It’s great to be creative and add your own special touches and designs, be it through colour, home accessories, paint or wallpaper. If you’ve not been able to afford the more expensive roll of wallpaper that you would have liked, or fancy adding extra interest to the wallpaper you’ve got, then why not have a go at using these My Wall wallpaper jewels from Graham and Brown!

The wallpaper jewels are a fantastic collection of art and craft products designed to be used to customise your walls, rooms and other interior surfaces. Used with wallpaper, they bring life to the design on your wall, enabling you to add extra dimension and a touch of sparkle. As you can see above, they work well with flower designs, but would be equally good with any wallpaper design that you’d like to jazz up a bit. You can also use them on other surfaces too, so you can have a lot of fun finding appropriate places to put them.

The wallpaper jewels come in a selection of different styles, designs and colours, from teardrops and hearts, to mixed sets of stones and mini stones. You can use as much as you’d like, or as little, but it’s a great way of adding more sparkle and zing and helping your decor become extra special.

The jewels and stones are £7 per pack from Graham and Brown.

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