Emeco 111 Navy Chair made from Cola bottles

Emeco chair made from 111 recycled coca cola bottles

Once 111 Coke bottles, now a chair!

It’s probably no surprise by now that we love recycled furniture and homewares. In previous posts we’ve featured products such as a stool made from recycled tyres, a table made from remnants of reclaimed wood, a sundial made from coffee machine cups and, more recently, a chandelier made from milk bottles. Now we have a chair made from 111 recycled plastic Coca-Cola bottles.

The 111 Navy Chair is designed by Emeco and has been produced in conjunction with Coca-Cola. The chair is modelled on the original aluminium Emeco Navy Chair which was created in 1944 for the US Navy.

A great promoter of the benefits of using recycled materials in furniture production, the 111 Navy Chair contains a mix of 60% rPET plastic – recycled polyethylene terephthalate plastic – plus a combination of other materials, including fibre glass, to give it strength.

The red 111 Navy Chair has just arrived at the Conran shop, where it was launched last week, and is available to purchase online for £230.

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