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Textured spot teapot

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Unusual spot design teapot

Spotty teapot

The homeware department at Anthropologie can be a bit of a mixed bag at times, but we rather like this white ceramic teapot.

For a start, the bone china teapot is made more unusual by a textured rippled surface. Then it’s impressed with a series of patterned polka dots, livening up the white background. Finally, the top of the teapot lid is finished off with a dash of gold.

The Spots-of-Tea teapot can be used on its own, or coupled up with a matching Spots-of-Tea lidded milk jug or sugar bowl. All three are available from Anthropologie.

Half price Prestige five piece pan set

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
Fantastic Prestige five piece saucepan set with 50% off

Snap up this saucepan sale bargain!

It seems a bit early for the sales to be starting again, but when there are homeware and furniture bargains to be had, we’re not complaining!

If you’ve been looking to update and old saucepan set, then this five piece Prestige pan set is a great deal. It started off life as costing £120, but is now the tidy sum of £60 in the Debenhams sale.

The pan set consists of a French skillet (or frying pan, to the uninitiated), milk pan, and three other saucepans with lids of varying sizes. It’s a great set and a good quality brand.

For more homeware and furniture deals, check out the rest of the Debenhams sale.  Another shop with a sale currently in full flow is Heal’s.

Laser cut alphabet coasters

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
Intricate laser cut coasters

Alphabet coasters

If you love all things typographic, then you’ll love these alphabet coasters.

Intricately laser cut from polyester felt, the alphabet coasters live up to their name by containing a jumble of letters carefully joined together.

Each coaster measures 10.5cm by 10.5cm, they’re available in black and cost £10 (we presume for a set of four) from The Literary Gift Company.

Emeco 111 Navy Chair made from Cola bottles

Monday, September 27th, 2010
Emeco chair made from 111 recycled coca cola bottles

Once 111 Coke bottles, now a chair!

It’s probably no surprise by now that we love recycled furniture and homewares. In previous posts we’ve featured products such as a stool made from recycled tyres, a table made from remnants of reclaimed wood, a sundial made from coffee machine cups and, more recently, a chandelier made from milk bottles. Now we have a chair made from 111 recycled plastic Coca-Cola bottles.

The 111 Navy Chair is designed by Emeco and has been produced in conjunction with Coca-Cola. The chair is modelled on the original aluminium Emeco Navy Chair which was created in 1944 for the US Navy.

A great promoter of the benefits of using recycled materials in furniture production, the 111 Navy Chair contains a mix of 60% rPET plastic – recycled polyethylene terephthalate plastic – plus a combination of other materials, including fibre glass, to give it strength.

The red 111 Navy Chair has just arrived at the Conran shop, where it was launched last week, and is available to purchase online for £230.

Apple design metal storage tin

Friday, September 24th, 2010
Apple design metal lunch tin by Colloco

Useful storage tin

Originally intended to be lunch tins, these little metal apple design tins are actually jolly useful for all sorts of other storage needs too.

The metal tins close securely, so once the contents are in place, you can lie them flat on a shelf, or store them upright, and the contents will remain inside. If you don’t want to use it for transporting a packed lunch in, they’d be great for items such as stationery, jewellery or for storing opened kitchen packets in.

The apple design tin is available in red or green (you can specify a choice at checkout) and is £8.95 from Colloco.

Leitmotiv milk bottle chandelier

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
Creative designer recycled chandelier lamp

Chandelier made from milk bottles

How’s this for recycling? This very creative glass chandelier by Bonne Plat has been created using milk bottles.

The milk bottles (48 in total) are secured around a central core and built into a metal frame, and they’re fully supported by a steel chain. The chandelier is powered by a single light bulb, which creates an interesting light effect when it’s turned on.

The Leitmotiv milk bottle chandelier is £159.95 from Dutch by Design.

Used batteries storage recycling box

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
Collect used batteries to be recycled

Store used batteries

There are a lot of places that accept used batteries for recycling, but it’s easy to forget about recycling and take out old batteries and throw them away.

If you’re keen to recycle batteries, then this handy battery box will not only remind you about battery recycling, but also give you a useful place to store your old batteries.

The box is made from steel and available in a choice of colours. Inside there are two levels, which are suitable for storing both large and small batteries.

The used battery box is designed by Monkey Business and available to buy for £7.40 from Made in Design.

Find out where you could recycle your used batteries with the postcode finder search at Recycle Now.

Stunning ceramic horse chestnut conkers

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Realistic ceramic horse chestnut conkersDesigner conkersDisplay seasonal autumn conkers in your home

Autumn is a great time of year, not least as it’s conker time! I still can’t resist hunting for conkers and there’s nothing quite like finding a perfect conker hidden beneath a pile of leaves, or opening a newly fallen horse chestnut shell to reveal shiny and fresh new conkers inside. Each year, I return home with my pockets stuffed full and tend to fill large brass bowls with conkers to create a seasonal home decoration.

However, as shiny as they are to start with, natural conkers don’t retain that look for long (although you can varnish them) and soon end up looking dull and shrivelled. So I was thrilled to find these stunning ceramic horse chestnuts which are bursting with the essence and spirit of real conkers.

They are amazingly realistic – they’ve got the look of a shiny and fresh horse chestnut and the way the conkers are sitting inside the shells is just like you find them on the ground. The shells are life-like too, even down to the spikes on the outside, and the conkers can be removed from their ceramic shells if you wish.

The ceramic horsechestnuts are available in various different designs, from Ginger Rose, with prices starting at £69. For conkers that will last forever and still look like new, I think it’s worth it!

Contemporary swirl light shade

Monday, September 20th, 2010
Kaigami contemporary design lights from Bouf

Swirl light shade

Move over boring light shades – hello swirl shade!

I’m all for livening up the lighting in my home and what better way than with the help of this contemporary design swirl light shade.

Made by Kaigami from recyclable polypropelne sheet, the light shade is designed to be used with an energy saving light bulb. It’s sent flatpacked, but it’s easy to put together and looks stunning when the light is turned on.

The contemporary swirl light shade is available from Kaigami’s store on Bouf, for £47.99.

Space Boy silver rocket inspired bin

Friday, September 17th, 2010
Funky silver space boy bin from Pedlars

Funky silver bin

Who said bins were boring?

Liven up your kitchen with this funky silver rocket shaped bin. It’s part of the Wesco range and is made from heavy duty stainless and sheet steel.

The bin opens with the aid of a pedal and the top slides open so you can pop your rubbish in. Bin bags are held securely in place in the inner rocket cannister, so your rubbish is kept neat and tidy until the bin is emptied.

The Space Boy bin is a tad expensive, but if you’re after style as well as functionality, and love all things space-inspired, it’s sure to make an impact in your home. You’ll find it for sale over at Pedlars.

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