Whoopie pie bakeware cake tin and recipe

Make whoopie pies

Make whoopie pies

One of the latest baking crazes to hit the UK is that of the whoopie pie. Not nearly so elegant as the cupcake, the whoopie pie is a mini American-style sponge cake that is sandwiched together with a buttercream filling and often iced or decorated with frosting on top too.

If you’re keen to unleash your baking abilities and have a go at making your own whoopie pies, then here’s a tin that will make your job much easier. The whoopie pie cake tin is the perfect size to make a whoopie pie – it conducts heat evenly, so your cakes will remain light and moist and won’t dry out – and it has room to make 12 whoopie pies in one bake off.

The whoopie pie cake tin is £7.99 from De Cuisine and they provide a recipe too, to help you get straight into cooking. For more whoopie pie cooking ideas and inspiration, you may like to check out the Whoopie Pies book.

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