Inke vintage wallpaper birds

Wallpaper birds

Wallpaper birds

If your walls are plain, but you like the idea of introducing a small amount of colour and love vintage wallpaper designs, then how about using these wallpaper birds?

They were originally created by designer Inke Heiland for her son, but were subsequently introduced to the public at an exhibition in Amsterdam in 2004. The birds proved very popular (and not just for children) and have led to the creation of lots of other similar silhouettes too, including large animals and trees. The birds remain a firm favourite and are now used in homes all over the world.

The wallpaper birds are cut from collections of vintage and designer wallpapers. They come with adhesive included and measure about 20cm by 25cm.

Supernice are selling limited edition Inke wallpaper birds in pairs, with the choice of pink, orange, blue or green colours. A pair of birds on their own would work very well used on a plain white wall, or you could buy multiples and create your own wall art collage.

The wallpaper birds cost £16.90 for two from Supernice.

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